Assessment And Support

Fertility Treatments.

With many years of experience in the psychological aspects of this rapidly evolving area of medicine, I am highly qualified to support clients in their journey to parenthood and sensitive to the impact of infertility on persons trying to have families. I have worked with numerous Victoria Fertility Centre clients, facilitating their progress through fertility treatments of various kinds.
I assess the readiness of participants planning to utilize In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and the psychological preparedness of potential egg donors and gestational surrogates for particular intended parents. Consultation with all parties interested in using embryo donation is a vital aspect of the assessment process.

Bariatric Surgery for Obesity.
My interest in health psychology (see fertility treatments), led me to consider playing a role in the assessment of client readiness for surgery to treat obesity. My focus is on working with clients during the post-surgery period to insure the best possible outcomes. Psychologists with experience in the treatment of health problems are uniquely able to contribute to a team-based approach in managing the complex problem of obesity. Obesity is an urgent public health issue and is a serious complicating factor with Covid-19. Sugar addiction is part of the problem, and these two articles tell the story:


This can be a difficult condition to diagnose because so many of the symptoms can be caused by other disorders.  However, once properly diagnosed, it can be effectively treated with a team-based approach that should include a physician for medication management, plus a psychologist and/or a life coach for CBT.