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You have questions, here are some answers:


How do gut microbes influence anxiety? New research has fascinating answers.


What is 'wokeism' and why could it be harmful to me?



How Covid-19 is changing how you and your psychologist interact.

How serious is sleep deprivation? It's simply the key to your mental and physical well being.

How does sunlight relate to Sleep disorders and OCD?


What is the difference between sadness and Clinical Depression?

Here is a Ted Talk Primer.

Who introduced Mindfulness to the West?


What is Mindfulness and how can I achieve it? Here is a great introduction

and several videos demonstrating the techniques.


What is the final word on Gender Dysphoria?   


How Can I be happy?  Let us count the ways by consulting Happiness Guru, Dr

Martin Seligman, and a Maclean's Magazine article: 

What is the difference between Empathy and Sympathy? Brenee Brown has

the answers.

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