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Good News Makes Good Sense

The world is awash in bad news, but that is only one part of the story. We believe that it's important to tell the other stories as well, the ones that educate, enlighten and feed our need for positive connection. 

Here is the first one, a truly enlightening TED talk by the noted historian Yuwal Noah Harari on the Climate Change challenge. 

Fighting belly fat? Let Dr Lustig explain the three different types of fat and why stress, not calories or even carbs, is the root cause of your expanding waistline. He offers a nuanced and scientific picture of what drives the obesity epidemic in North America and has a few readily available solutions as well. 

It's well known that the only thing we can control in our lives is how we react to what happens to us. And sometimes, we get stuck in negative narratives. We believe that we're 'not good enough'.This easy to read yet powerful article identifies six signs that you're stuck and six ways to get unstuck and seeing yourself in a positive and accepting way.

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